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Tackling the Bedroom – Spring Cleaning

Make Your Closet Space Functional

Whether you have a large bedroom or a small bedroom, clutter may have taken over. Even though your bedroom may look clean to outsiders, you know of all the secret clutter spots and the dust that have accumulated – hidden from the naked eye. It is time to tackle the bedroom. Tackle your master bedroom, your guest bedroom, and the kid’s bedrooms (of course, not all in one day)!

Where to start: Depending on how much spring cleaning your bedroom needs, you may be in there all day. Plan accordingly, because we all know that when we leave things half cleaned, they only cause us greater distress in a few days.

For me to start spring cleaning my bedroom, I need to tackle the laundry. I will be removing my laundry sorter and washing loads all day today. This frees up a bit of space for me; you may find the same to be true for you.

I suggest investing in a few under the bed plastic storage containers, as well as smaller plastic containers for night stand drawers and the closet. Also, designate three plastic bin, cardboard boxes, or big bags to these three sections: Trash, Giveaway, and Put Somewhere Else. A few other bags will be needed for sorting out clothing.

Under Bed Storage Keeps Items Neatly Tucked Away

Weeding Out Your Wardrobe: Now, that our dirty laundry is out of the way and our bins are set up, let’s start in the closet. Go through every piece of clothes. If it needs to be fixed, sewn, or dry cleaned, fold them and place them in a bag. Place this bag in your car so that the next time you are out, you can drop them off to the dry cleaner/seamstress. Of course, you can fix and dry clean them yourself, but get to it right away! Unused clothes in your closet is wasted space and money in your closet. Be realistic when it comes to fixing clothing. If it is going to cost a fortune to fix or is going to need a whole makeover, consider giving it away instead.

Now it is time to weed out all of the clothing that does not fit. By, does not fit, of course I mean those pants that you have to lay on the bed to zip up and that shirt that squashes your chest in so much you look like you have a uni-boob. Also, get rid of the clothes that are too big – i.e. that cute shirt that is a bit baggy, but you can’t bear to part with it. Put all of these clothes into a pile. Do you have a lot of them? Giveaway the clothes that are too big. I mean really, who plans on gaining weight? I know that the tighter clothes are a touchier subject, so here is the compromise. You can keep three pieces from your skinny pile. Let them be a motivation for you to get in shape, but not a hindrance and idol of failure.

Also, get rid of all clothing items you find ugly, unappealing, stained and worn out. Do not keep unfashionable presents just for them to be sitting in your closet. It may be hard to depart with your favorite black shirt that is faded and thin, but you will be able to replace your closet essentials as soon as you get rid of the old. Keep a list of closet essentials you need to purchase.

Keep Your Bedroom Free from Unnecessary Items

Finally, if you live in a place like I do, there is absolutely no chance for extreme cold weather. However, we will be getting a bit of wind. So I am storing all of my heavy winter clothes and coats away underneath the bed.

Organize drawers by clothing items. This helps keep clothes looking organized and easier  to find. Organize clothes in the closet by category, as well. To save time in the future, you can put outfits together on the same hanger for an easy outfit on rushed days.

You should do the same process for your husband’s and childrens’ closets, as well, minus keeping clothes that do not fit.

Knocking Out Your Nightstand Nightmare: Somehow, the nightstand becomes the collector of all miscellaneous items. As I cleaned out my nightstand, I found books, papers, pens, random knick-knacks people had given us, and bills/instruction

manuals. None of those things really belonged. Use small baskets to organize nightstand essentials, such as intimate items and other essentials. If you have to dig through your nightstand to find something, it needs so be decluttered and organized!

Clean the Blinds, Window Treatments, and Windows: If you are like me, you have not cleaned the window and blinds in a long while. Start off by removing the window treatments and cleaning them by either washing them or steam cleaning them. Clean the blinds with warm water, a few drops of dish detergent, and lemon juice. if you cannot remove the blinds to clean them, wash them with a warm rag. Finally, clean the window.

Clean the Carpets: Start off by giving your room a good vacuum, moving light furniture out of the way as you go. Spot clean any stains with a mixture of half water and half vinegar. To give your room a fresh smell, sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet, allowing it to sit for a few minutes. Then, vacuum the baking soda up.

Organizing the Miscellaneous: Hopefully you have gone through any miscellaneous items and sorted them in one of the files, throw away, donate, or put somewhere else. The bedroom is not the best place for papers and unnecessary knick-knacks. If you still have items that need a storage place in your bedroom, invest in cute fabric bins that can be stored in your closet neatly.

Phew! That should finish the bedroom. Keep the bedroom clean and organized by investing a few minutes each day to keeping it clean. When you are all finished, put your feet up and enjoy a large glass of cold lemonade.

Photos from here and here. 

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