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Thrifty Tips: Reusing Old Pillow Cases

Every Thursday, I bring you thrifty tips. These are quick, easy, and fun tips to help you save money or reuse an item. If your pillowcases are getting a little worn, but you aren’t ready to throw them out yet, here are five great ways to reuse them. 1. Dog Toys: My dogs go crazy…

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Recent Thrift Store Finds – Baby Finds for Cheap

I have not been thrifting and garage sale-ing as much, but I did happen to find some pretty neat finds recently. Burberry Baby Set -12 M Paid: $1.99 and it is currently listed on Ebay Sold for $75 in less than 24 hours! Unopened Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottles Paid: $1.99 I knew I needed…

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Three Ways to Get Your Overspending Under Control – Part 1

1. Write Down Everything You Spend In the fictional Shopaholic books, the main character reads the financial advice to write down everything she buys per day. Her first purchase she pays an obscene amount of money for a fancy journal and pen, making the excuse that if she has these things she will be much…

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It’s A Girl!

We just found out Tuesday that our little one is a baby girl! I am a few days shy of being 5 months along. How the time flies! It is funny, I went back and forth from wanting to find out and waiting, but as soon as I saw the pictures, it was obvious that…

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